Breathable Cover made with a single layer 3D Polyester Spacer Fabric.  3D construction, which reduces heat build-up, allows consistent air circulation and provides high moisture transfer.  Rather than 3 separate layers this is just one single layer.  Prevents creasing which could break down your skin leading to medical problems.  Comfortable cushioning and shock absorbency with excellent recovery properties:  Extremely high air distribution in all directions:  Soft cushioning effect:  Excellent recovery:  High shock absorption:  Very low weight: Colours available Black, Beige, Silver & Olive Green. All Covers now give you the option of Standard 6oz Nylon sides or 3mm Black Nylon coated Neoprene also available with Transfer Pads.

A Breathable Cover made from a Soft finished Polyester Spacer Mesh, the 3/4mm thick Spacer Fabric has a matching top and Bottom layer with filaments interlinking the two surfaces together allowing for maximum airflow between the cushion and the user.  The finished cover will consist of three different layers starting with the 3D Spacer Mesh, below the mesh is a layer of Medium Density Foam approx. 6mm followed by a second internal breathable layer simply to aid cushion insertion, a Breathable Cover allows continues air-flow between user and the cushion top surface.  Corner Transfer Pads can be added if needed to help prevent wear through continuous transferring to the front corners of the Cover. All covers come as standard with a front carry handle and soft female Velcro to the Vinyl underside unless instructed otherwise, all Covers are Machine washable and include a nylon zip for easy change.  

Breathable Cushion Cover made with a Heavy-Duty Polyester Mesh. This is a very Strong Durable Cover for those who demand a lot from there Chair and Cushions.  Includes high wear Nylon sections on the sides and front.  Incorporates a layer of 8mm foam under the mesh and a rear zip for easy removal, machine washable.  See Mesh Colours and a choice of Nylon Colours for the Top but standard Black 6oz Nylon sides.

Breathable Cover made from a latest 3D Spacer Mesh that has its own thickness approximately 3mm, made from a strong robust Polyester Mesh, Comes complete with Zip for easy removal, can be Machine washed.

Towelling Covers are Hard Wearing, Durable and provide a soft comfortable Cushion Cover for all types of cushions. A Towelling Cover has 3 layers and incorporates 8mm of Medium Density foam and a breathable internal layer.  It comes with a heavy-duty nylon zipper for easy change and removal.  Colours available are Black, Grey & Blue with Black Nylon sides. All covers are machine washable with a hard-wearing Vinyl base.  All covers come as standard with a front carry handle and soft female Velcro to the vinyl underside to fix to the chair seat unless instructed otherwise.

Made from Soft Supple Auto and Upholstery Leather Hides.  All covers incorporate 8mm medium density foam & an internal breathable layer.  Covers are all made to your specifications and sizes a very hard-wearing Cover can be wiped clean or lightly rinsed and hung to dry.  Colours available are Black, Grey, Dark Blue & Brown, maybe drop me an email to check leather availability so not to be disappointed.  Also available Perforated Leather just like you get in expensive car seating. 

All Vinyl complete with rear zip for easy change, front carry handle and soft female Velcro to the underside to help fix to your chair.  Can be Machine washed or wiped clean.

Available In Black, Dark Blue, Red, Grey Brown & Tobacco