Transfer Pads

Transfer Pads are designed to be used in those high wear and tear arrears on the cover that tend to wear  out due to transferring on and off the chair.  They can be made from 6oz Nylon or Leather, can be customised if needed to help with transferring making the front of the cover a little more slippy to slide onto.   

Velcro on Bag

Handy Velcro on Bag that fixes to the underside of the cushion can be used to keep puncture repair tools, medical items and lots more, available in a heavy Nylon or Leather.

Wheelchair Leather Bag 

Genuine Leather Removable Under Seat style bag that mounts under the seat canvas can be used for Wallets, Phones, Medical Kit etc.  Has a front zip pocket suitable for phone etc and another zip fastening on top for the main compartment.  Approx. size is Width 9 Inches x 8 Inches Tall x 4 Inches Deep.  Complete with fixing straps that include side release clips for easy removal.  

This is an upgrade for Cushion Covers involving replacing the standard 6 oz Nylon sides with a 3mm Neoprene sides that offer a more flexible side, good if you are using a cushion that flattens when sat on helps to keep the top surface pulled tight to try and eliminate any creasing to the top surface.  Currently available in Black and Dark Blue/Navy, Royal Blue, Red & Grey but more colours will be available.

Another upgrade for the  Cushion Cover is to replace the 6 oz Nylon sides with Leather sides to add a piece of elegance to your cushion.

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