All my Upholstery is custom made to your specifications, materials I use are Heavyweight Nylons, Leathers, Polyester Meshes and in extreme cases Canvas.  I can copy a manufactures style or create something completely new with lots of styles, combinations and colours to choose from.  Most upholstery even though custom made will still be delivered within several weeks from date of order unless told differently.

Just like the Upholstery all the Cushion Covers are Custom made to your specifications, sizes & colour.  Covers are made with some of the latest advances in Polyester 3D Spacer Meshes, Nylon, Neoprene, Leather and Vinyl fabrics. Multi layer covers or single layer covers available.  Colours are not restricted to Black many colour  choices are available. All of the Cushion Covers that are custom made will still be delivered within two weeks from date of order unless told differently.

Protects against accidental damage to your chair and surrounding objects.  Choose from easy Velcro or Zip fixings. Plain Nylon, Polyester Mesh, Leather and Neoprene are available.  Straight Protectors or Custom to fit that wrap around the front fork assembly’s above and below the front forks.  The Neoprene elasticated stretch protectors with both Velcro and zip fastenings. Many many colours available if you do not see a colour you want then drop me an email.

Keep your car looking New for Longer with these easy to use door and boot mats that save your car from all those scratches made by putting you Wheelchair In & Out.  Normally dispatched within one or two days from date of order.