Ready made & Sale Items

Heavy Duty Breathable Cover 17.5 Inches long x 16 inches wide x 3 inch depth  Breathable Cover made from a Teal Green/Blue 3D Spacer Mesh Breathable layer + 6mm Foam.  Nylon Sides and a Vinyl underside complete with soft Velcro to fix down to the wheelchair.  Comes complete with Zip for easy removal, can be Machine washed and tumble dried. 

A Black breathable wheelchair upholstery for lightweight wheelchair will Fit a chair that has:  17 inch width, 14/15 inch backrest height.  Complete with an inflatable Lumbar support for more comfort.  Made with adjustable Nylon Sides with lower strap allowing easy adjustment.  With a polyester Spacer Mesh (3D) top section which is both practical and durable finished with a Navy Blue Trim.  Fitted with with a high density foam giving a good support.  This upholstery is a first for me as it comes with built in inflatable Lumber support for the lower back, this comes with an inflation balloon for easy adjustment please see photos.