Leather Upholstery is total luxury to sit on made from hard wearing supple Leather Hides.  Incorporating adjustable straps and a Firm Density foam.  A very hard-wearing Upholstery, that can be wiped clean polished and  waxed.  Perforated leather can be used for the whole upholstery or mixed with the standard leather on the sides and centre sections, Perforated Leather Colours are Grey & Black please check for availability.  Standard Leather Colours Available: Black, Grey, Dark Blue, Red & Brown again please check for availability.  Depending on hide availability may take several weeks for delivery, all prices quoted are for adjustable upholstery.  Prices may be subject to change due to suitability and chair type depending on style options.  Normally seat back upholstery is made from one or two pieces depending on your style and model of wheelchair you have, If you do not see what you want email me across some details

Breathable Upholstery is made from a heavy duty Polyester (3D Spacer) Mesh in just the Centre section.  This helps to keep your back cool and comfortable for those long days in the chair.  This type can be made with Nylon or Leather for the outside sections to give a very pleasing finish.
Incorporating adjustable straps and firm density foam as standard.  This is a very strong and robust upholstery and can be made in several different styles to suit most types of chair.  Check out the mesh colour swatch for latest Colour range.  Breathable Upholstery now available using the latest Spacer Fabric Technology, this is just a single layer Polyester Mesh that incorporates 3 levels, this reduces any risk of creasing and has great shock and moisture absorbency.

A well-used standard fabric that is strong durable and long-lasting, practical and easily cleaned.   Available in several different styles to suit most types of chair.  Incorporating adjustable straps and medium density foam as standard.  Prices may be subject to change and are a guide price and for reference, these may change depending on your chair type/style. Colour Black, Royal Blue, Dark Blue, Red, Grey & Green. 

Padded Sleeves designed to slip over the backrest upright poles, just need to measure the length you require.  Adjustable webbing straps to maximize comfort, depending the length required will determine the number of adjustable straps.  Just supply the Chair Width and the Depth/Length you require and choose a Colour.  Can be made from Nylon or Leather

Original Boma Upholstery

Original or Custom Upholstery for your all Terrian Boma

Adjustable Seat Upholstery  Black Heavy Duty Adjustable Nylon Base.  Can be made with adjustable Buckles or adjustable Velcro Straps to keep the seat base tight.  I would need a photo or measurements of any obstructions there may be on the underside of the chair ie. Brakes, Side Guards & Frame Work or send me a picture of the underside.  Only available in Black

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